Masked Gangs Target Seattle Schools

In Seattle, where crime rates are on the rise, the impact of being lenient on criminals and a general dislike for the police is now affecting its schools. Recent incidents involving organized criminal gangs targeting students are raising serious concerns about safety and the need for change.

Auburn Riverside High School became a scene of chaos when organized groups of masked individuals stormed the school. These individuals arrived around 1 p.m., gaining access when a student unknowingly opened a locked door for them. The incident prompted a lockdown, and local law enforcement had to step in to ensure the safety of the students.

In the aftermath, over 500 students stayed home in fear after the attack. In the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, students walking home have reported encountering armed robbers who have stolen their wallets, money, and cell phones. A similar situation unfolded near Whitman Middle School, where students faced the same threats.

It’s been reported that students described being jumped and mugged by groups of four to six armed gang members, with one student expressing shock that real guns were involved. The criminals, believed to be in their teens, echo a disturbing trend of youthful offenders.

Home invasion predators who have targeted and robbed Asian individuals in both Seattle and Auburn were also teenagers. One 16-year-old suspect even dared to request house arrest from a judge, citing that he was accustomed to being released.

Furthermore, Seattle’s crime rates have surged, particularly following the Black Lives Matter movement and after the city enacted policies that reduced police presence. A combination of leniency towards criminals and the defunding of the police has created an environment where the most vulnerable members of society are at risk.

It is a troubling development that threatens the very fabric of a functional and secure society and the need for a more proactive response to these challenges is becoming increasingly evident. Seattle should strongly consider addressing its crime problem before it slips further into a dystopian reality.