Kari Lake Responds Biden’s State Of The Union Address

Conservative superstar and Senate hopeful Kari Lake offered a stinging rebuke of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last night, highlighting runaway inflation, rampant crime and a lawless open border.

“What we just saw from Joe Biden was not a State of the Union. No, what we just witnessed from Joe Biden was a state of confusion,” she quipped.

As the president meanders through what many openly speculate are stages of dementia and senility, “confusion” would be an appropriate term. And yet, it can also apply to more than just the president’s mental state, but the state of the nation as well.

She further contrasted Biden’s presidency with Donald Trump’s time in office, referring to it as a time when law and order were respected and the border with Mexico was more secure than ever.

In a bold move, Lake also wore a black t-shirt with the name “Laken Riley” emblazoned across the front — an effort to memorialize and raise awareness of the Georgia student whose life was taken by an illegal immigrant while out on a walking trail in early February.

Laken Riley’s name has become a lightning rod for activism to combat the hordes of illegal immigrants walking into the country, many of whom are gang members and hardened criminals bringing in violence and drugs.

During Biden’s address, the president was also interrupted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who shouted out Riley’s name and demanded he say it. Like a sad farce, the president complied and bumbled out her name, calling her “Lincoln Riley.” A depressing and failed tribute that no doubt added insult to injury for Riley’s family.

Donald Trump also jumped in on the commentary, saying, “He was angry, mentally disturbed, and misrepresenting a lot of the facts concerning almost every subject he discussed.”

The State of the Union address is traditionally an annual speech given by the president to fulfill Constitutional obligations to update Congress on the nation’s general state of affairs. While the original intent is of a functional nature, the televised speech is often an opportunity to score political points with voters.

But with the nation in free fall with the national debt, the highest inflation in decades, billions spent and unaccounted for in aid to foreign countries and a border crisis that sees millions of illegal immigrants walking into the country every year, there were precious few points for Biden to score.