Governor DeSantis Signs Three Bills To Combat Illegal Immigration

While the Biden administration remains idle about the southern border, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) took matters into his own hands on Friday by signing legislation that would increase prison sentences for illegal immigrants caught driving without a license in hopes of keeping them away from the Sunshine State.

The governor signed three bills last week to try and get a handle on the illegal immigration crisis seen in Florida.

“The federal government has failed in its responsibility to secure our southern border, leaving states to fend for themselves,” DeSantis said during a press conference. “In Florida, we do not tolerate illegal immigration, let alone lawlessness committed by illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

HB1451 prohibits Florida from recognizing non-official ID cards that are sometimes passed out to illegal immigrants by community centers when they cannot obtain official identification. DeSantis referred to these IDs as “rogue identification.” Florida law already bans counties and municipalities from issuing government IDs to illegal immigrants.

DeSantis also signed SB1036, which increases criminal penalties for illegal immigrants who are arrested for felonies after reentering the U.S. illegally after being deported. He declared that he would “throw the book” at any illegal immigrants who decided to come back and commit crimes.

HB1589 increased the penalties for any illegal immigrants caught operating a vehicle without a license. The bill increased jail time from 60 days to one year for two or more offenses and a minimum of 10 days in jail for three or more offenses. DeSantis also said that the state would not recognize licenses issued in sanctuary states.

“One of the biggest deterrents we can do for illegal immigration is to make sure people that are doing that are facing serious consequences,” DeSantis said. “You come here, you’re not getting a license. We’re not recognizing your California license that you may have gotten in a sanctuary state.”

Illegal immigrant sympathizers criticized the bill, claiming that it poses a danger to public safety, stating that illegal immigrants will still get behind the wheel without a license.

During his press conference, DeSantis announced that Florida Fish and Wildlife officers intercepted a vessel with 25 Haitians aboard, with firearms, drugs and night-vision gear, according to The Federalist.

Two days prior, DeSantis deployed 133 Florida State Guard members to the state’s southern coast to attempt to stop illegal immigrants from Haiti from entering the state.