Feds Make Largest Border Drug Bust At Texas Entry

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency recently made a massive bust of methamphetamine crossing into the United States, making it the largest amount ever obtained by the CBP at one time and place.

On February 22, the federal agency told the public that it had intercepted 6.5 tons of methamphetamine — which is worth over $117 million — at the entry port in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The bust on February 18 took place at the Camino Real International Bridge, where the drugs were found during a canine inspection of a tractor trailer.

Laredo Field Office Director of Field Operations Donald Kusser said in a CBP press release that the bust represents the “serious narcotics threat” that officers pursue “on a daily basis” as well as their “steadfast commitment” to make the American border secure, ensuring “lawful trade and travel.”

Mark Dawson, a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations in Houston, Texas, was also quoted in the release. He noted the long history of drug trafficking and its “ravag[ing]” impact on American communities. Dawson also celebrated the “record-breaking amount” of drugs that was “prevented” from reaching Houston, ultimately sparing the nation from what would have “destroyed an untold number of lives.”

The community in Eagle Pass has been dealing with an overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants for months. In December 2023, the CBP announced a temporary closure of international railway crossings between Mexico and the Texas towns of Eagle Pass and El Paso. This was done in an effort to recruit as many officials as possible to help CBP arrest illegal immigrants.

The crossings were reopened a few days later, allowing freight trains on both sides of the border to continue on their routes.

One border patrol chief, Jason Owens, told ABC News in September that the situation at the southern border is “about as bad as I’ve ever seen it,” noting the “threats” of fentanyl being trafficked into the United States.

The Eagle Pass drug bust comes as the Biden administration faces continued backlash for its lack of action to secure the border. Frustrations among House Republicans have led to their recent impeachment of Alejando Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.