Divorce Documents Unsealed In Case Involving DA Willis

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis is spearheading an effort to prosecute former President Donald Trump and a host of co-defendants on charges related to election interference, but she has become the focus of troubling allegations in recent weeks.

According to a motion filed earlier this month by co-defendant Mike Roman, Willis maintained an “improper” relationship with Nathan Wade, a lawyer who she appointed to serve as a top prosecutor in the case. With the six-figure salary for a position he was not qualified to hold, Roman claimed, the couple funded extravagant vacations together.

Wade is currently going through a divorce, and Willis was called to testify as part of that proceeding, sparking new speculation about her relationship with the married man.

Although her deposition was recently postponed, a judge ruled this week that documents filed in connection with the divorce should be unsealed, which brought additional attention to a series of developments that a growing number of experts say should result in Willis recusing herself from the Trump case.

Some of the evidence that has emerged from the divorce proceedings thus far signals a clear connection between Willis and the dissolution of the marriage.

Lawyers for Wade’s estranged wife, Joycelyn, have argued that he not only maintained an extramarital relationship with Willis but also sought to cover up the income he made while working on the Trump case.

According to attorney Andrea Hastings, the district attorney “knows the cause of the separation” and should therefore be called to testify as part of the proceedings.

Cinque Axam, an attorney for Willis, insisted that “alleged adultery is not relevant” to the case and that his client “has nothing to do with” the divorce.

“I want to know how he has been spending his money,” Hastings replied. “I have reason to believe he is spending it on another woman and that’s my client’s money.”

Somewhat ironically, Axam sought to convince the judge that Willis should not be called in for a deposition specifically because she is so busy attempting to prosecute Trump.

Arguing that the district attorney “manages a staff of 360-plus lawyers and staff” handling “20,000 open cases,” he added: “Of course, the most recognizable issue is she’s dealing with the Fulton County election interference involving former President Trump.”
Hastings was clearly not swayed by the argument.

“I’m sure it’s inconvenient,” she said. “It’s inconvenient for all of us. However, I have questions and she needs to answer them.”