Church Of England Archdeacon Writes Anti-White Rhetoric On X

Wokeness has entered the Church of England, with one of its archdeacons being in hot water after posting anti-White rhetoric on social media, resulting in calls for her to resign.

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, the Archdeacon of Liverpool, has been criticized for anti-White comments she posted on the social media platform X.

The Archdeacon made a post about a conference she attended last fall on Whiteness and how it interested her.

“So yes, let’s have anti whiteness, [and] let’s smash the patriarchy,” she said, insisting this was “not anti-white, or anti-men, it’s anti-oppression.”

Threlfall-Holmes’ anti-White rhetoric attracted many critics, calling out how her training and theology make it sound like being White is a “sickness. One X user even called her out as being a false teacher.

She told GBN that the negative reactions she received were “greatly exaggerated.”

Since the backlash, Threlfall-Holmes has changed her privacy settings on X so only limited users can read her posts. Considering in her X bio, she claims to be “inclusive,” there is no doubt that she is probably still spewing anti-White rhetoric to her followers.

The Church of England has been in the news for some time now for its racist behaviors. Last October, the Church of England Dioceses in the West Midlands announced that it was looking to hire an “Anti-Racism Practice Officer.”

It stated that the perfect candidate would “help us ensure that structures, practices and behaviours throughout our Church and churches embrace people of GMH (Global Majority Heritage) and UKME (UK Minority Ethnic) backgrounds and enable them to flourish.”

The Diocese of York this week also listed an anti-White job listing. According to Daily Mail, the listing was for a part-time “racial justice enabler,” who would provide diversity training to address “white fragility.”

The church in Birmingham posted a job description looking for a “Deconstructing Whiteness officer,” but it was taken down after being called out for being racist.

Threlfall-Holmes is just one of the Church of England’s clergy that has embraced the anti-White narrative. Bishop of Dover Rose Hudson-Wilkin filed a motion last month that would encourage parishes and deaneries to create plans to address racial injustice; the motion passed.