Christian College President Won’t Hire Critical Race Theorist

Southern Wesleyan University President Bill Barker insists that his institution’s vacancies are not open to people who support critical race theory. Barker also said the school wouldn’t hesitate to dismiss staffers or faculty who won’t comply with its position.

According to the Blaze news report, Barker reiterates that he had made clear SWU’s stance on critical race theory. He added that the school’s position is also apparent in its hiring procedures.

“We’re not hiring people – and I’ve been clear since I came here and the Board of Trustees has supported this – who endorse critical race theory. We will have the courage to let faculty or staff go if they are teaching critical race theory,” Barker told The Fix.

Barker added that all teachings of critical race theory in the University would be tailored to biblical provisions. He, however, said the school is also committed to teaching about the topic in line with global trends and everyday living.

“We will hear from speakers who have different ideas and welcome students to engage in that discourse. But we will also guide students through that from a biblical and intellectually rigorous fashion. The Bible speaks to us being reconciled with one another across races, across languages, across experiences through Jesus.” he added.

Barker opined that humanity is based on the ability of people to co-exist, reconciling individual differences through Christ. He reckoned that unless this is done, people of diverse races and backgrounds would always have differing views.

Nathan Street, who lost his previous job of 21 years due to his anti-critical race theory beliefs, echoed Barker’s sentiment on the controversial race subject.

“Critical race theory is a wedge that is used to keep people divided,” Street said. “If they can keep people divided and disabled because of fear of racism, then they can easily destroy what they will. They are the liberal, leftist, wealthy elites who want to maintain control over the levers of power in the world.”