Charlamagne Wants Biden To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Charlamagne the God called for President Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race on a recent appearance on “The Daily Show.” According to Charlamagne, Biden is too old to run for reelection.

All of these reasons, and more, have resulted in Charlamagne publicly asking for Biden to bow out of the upcoming election. Charlamagne said that the president should give the country “the ultimate Christmas gift and step aside.”

While on “The Daily Show,” Charlamagne also talked about how Biden is doing unfavorably in many polls, both those that are dedicated to his presidency and those that are focused on the 2024 election. The radio host explained how Biden seems to think that he’ll easily win the general election.

According to Charlamagne, Biden thinks he has the election “in the bag, but the polls say otherwise.”

He continued, “I appreciate you caring but I don’t like our chances.”

Charlamagne’s call for Biden to bow out comes as the Democratic Party continues to fully back Biden’s reelection campaign, even though many American voters are unenthused about his candidacy. Various polls have shown that Americans want other candidates to vote for.

Alarms have been sounded by political analysts in the Democratic Party after many polls came out showing Trump beating Biden in battleground states. Thus far, the Democratic Party has stayed behind Biden fully, even as some public figures have publicly called for another candidate to lead the party.

Attention to third-party candidates has also greatly increased this election cycle when compared to past years.

This has led to some Democratic candidates getting some recognition, most notably author Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). However, even with a low approval rating, Biden still leads all other Democrats in the polls.