Blake Masters Lacks Key Endorsement For Congressional Bid

Blake Masters is once again on the campaign trail with his eyes set on Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. Masters, who notably ran alongside then-Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, has received the endorsements of many prominent Republicans except for one: Lake.

Lake and Masters were seen as a dynamic duo during the 2022 midterms. It would’ve been a dream come true for Republicans across The Grand Canyon State had both candidates won their respective elections.

Given recent events in the political world, it seems the two may be having a falling out, with Lake, who is currently running for the Senate in Arizona, having endorsed Masters’ challenger.

Masters, a venture capitalist and father of three, recently told KTAR-FM that he chose to opt out of running for the Senate in Arizona because it would create political chaos.
Masters said he “didn’t want to cause some contested primary. … President Trump wanted Kari [Lake] to run, and I think she’s running a hell of a campaign so far, so I look forward to supporting her.”

Masters has avoided a standoff with his former political ally but will now have to match up against a primary candidate who Lake has thrown her weight behind, as reported by the Blaze.

If Masters does win his primary election, he’ll be in good shape to become Arizona’s next representative for The Grand Canyon State’s 8th Congressional District. The area has leaned Republican for years. Former President Donald Trump routed Joe Biden by 13 points in the district during the 2020 presidential election.

Masters’ congressional bid comes after Rep. Debbie Lesko (D-AZ) announced she would not seek reelection for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District seat.

Lesko’s reason for opting out of reelection is that she feels Washington, D.C. is “broken.” — an assessment that Masters fully supports.

“Washington is beyond broken. The Democrats in power have failed us. Joe Biden (and the people who are really running his administration) have delivered chaos at our Border, skyrocketing inflation, failing schools, and widespread wokeness. And they’re doing it on purpose,” Masters wrote on his campaign website.

“But there’s good news: We The People are waking up. We are sick of the chaos, the crime, the weaponization of justice – just look at what they’re doing to President Trump. It’s beyond crazy,” he added.