Yes, It Is Possible for Biden to Get Worse

President Biden has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. His gaffe filled trip in Europe had the White House communications team working overtime to clean up the mess. Some of the highlights were when Biden suggested the United States could use chemical weapons against Russia and admitted we were secretly training Ukrainian troops in Poland. Biden’s gaffes are not just limited to international affairs, he also makes mistakes at home. His most recent addition to his greatest hits collection of embarrassing moments came during the commemoration of the USS Delaware.

Not only is President Biden reliably consistent for embarrassing himself and his country, but he is also inventing new ways to do it. Who knew sleeping while standing up was even a possibility. Unfortunately, scenes like this do not represent how low the president can still go. The White House staff are at the point where they are giving him cliff notes for tough questions at press conferences and limiting who he can talk to.

As the president continues to cognitively decline it is time to start seriously asking the question if he is fit to continue to serve. There is a mechanism if it is determined that the president can no longer fulfill his duties for removal under the 25th Amendment. At that point, Vice President Kamala Harris would be elevated to president. Harris, however, is the most likely the reason there have not been serious discussions about invoking the 25th Amendment.

Harris’s performance as vice president has been abysmal. Her polling numbers are worse than Bidens and she can barely get through prepared remarks without sounding like she is talking to kindergartners. No one wants to think about her becoming president, but Biden’s abilities have fallen so low that his days in the Oval Office appear to be numbered.

This is evident by the fact that major news outlets have begun to acknowledge the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop. This is future pacing the public for the coming indictments of Hunter and his compatriots. The President will surely be implicated by association at the very least. Expect the process to remove the President to be started soon thereafter, especially if Republicans take majorities in the House and Senate.