Woman Surrenders To Police After Commenting On Facebook About Her Own Case

A Las Vegas woman has turned herself in to the police after commenting on a news story on Facebook about her case.

Marion Reyes, 36, has been arrested seven times for DUI, and police were searching for her after she failed to show up to court.

A judge had issued a bench warrant for Reyes’ arrest after she failed to appear at a hearing that was part of a felony DUI treatment program. Reyes was previously ordered to turn herself in for other violations of her court-ordered DUI treatment program, and ended up serving two days in jail after she surrendered.

After a news story on Facebook stated that the police were requesting help in finding Reyes, she commented on the post arguing about the details of her case.

Following the comments, Reyes surrendered herself to the Las Vegas Metro Police at the Clark County Detention Center on Friday afternoon, according to a source that spoke with local news outlet KLAS.

A Facebook account allegedly belonging to Reyes, which had her name an image attached to it, responded to the news outlet’s post on the social media site about police searching for her — which was titled: “Las Vegas police ask for help finding woman with 7 DUIs who cut off GPS bracelet.”

However, Reyes disputes this assertion, claiming that she was not the one who cut off her GPS bracelet — blaming the police for it.

“I never cut it off!!! An officer cut it off when I turned myself in. They continued to release me,” Reyes claimed in a comment on the post.

Social media users were quick to jump into the conversation, especially after Reyes made another post — which was reportedly difficult to decipher, as she rambled on while attempting to provide more detail about her claims. Commenters mocked her incoherent rant while urging the police to find Reyes.

“I tried reading this 6 times and still can’t make out your gibberish. Get em’ LVMPD Traffic!” wrote one Facebook user.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) also responded to Reyes’ comment — giving her a helpful suggestion about dealing with the matter.

“Then why not turn yourself in now? Let’s get this sorted out tonight,” the police wrote.