Wokeness Continues To Backfire On The Left

Joe Biden’s presidency is steadily and surely turning out to be the downfall of the Democratic Party. Leftists rallying so hard to get the 46th president into office ironically ensured their demise for quite some time to come.

Thanks to Biden, more Americans wake up to the dystopia that goes hand in hand with the leftist rule. Democrats currently hold a monopoly on the federal government, yet no one is better off.

Military members are fired for refusing to take the highly questionable COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, drugs are pouring across the southern border like never before, thanks to Biden ripping down Trump’s immigration reforms.

Moreover, Democrats are in the middle of trying to push woke culture on Americans; yet, this too is blowing up in their faces, as confirmed by TheBlaze.

Several days ago, Florida announced the Stop Woke Act. Quite simply, this piece of legislation is all about pushing back against Marxist critical race theory, the historically inaccurate 1619 project, and other forms of indoctrination, notably in schools and workplaces.

There are other unfortunate forms of wokeness, such as the left embracing the ridiculous term of “Latinx.” Progressives decided that since “Latina” and “Latino” are gendered per female and male, “Latinx” is more appropriate.

Sensible Americans beg to differ. Earlier in the week, Florida GOP Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez spoke out about the inherent toxicity of wokeness. Nunez declared she is proud to be the Sunshine State’s first Latina lieutenant governor.

Furthermore, Nunez branded the “Latinx” term as ridiculous and stated it’s not something she will ever stand for. The lieutenant governor also pointed out that even leftist publications, such as the Miami Herald, are pushing for Democrats to retire “Latinx permanently.”

In addition to other conservative-leaning states, Florida remains determined to ensure that leftists fail in poisoning the minds of children. As Democrats continue implementing critical race theory in schools, public sentiment is turning against them.

As it turns out, parents care about what’s being taught to their kids in school. In the name of wokeness, Democrats have now adopted the idea that parents shouldn’t get a say in what kids learn from various school curriculums.

This arrogant and elitist attitude backfired on Democrats and led to them losing control of the state. Furthermore, leftist attempts to poison children’s minds with a Marxist, woke agenda is all the more reason why Florida’s Stop Woke Act is so imperative.