Woke Professor Must Undergo Free Speech Training

In a striking reversal for normal procedures in higher education, a University of Cincinnati (UC) professor has been reprimanded and ordered to undergo free speech training.

The infamous case began when 29-year-old adjunct instructor Melanie Nipper gave student Olivia Krolczyk a “zero” on her final project proposal. Her reasoning? The student dared to use the term “biological woman” in her work.

Krolczyk’s submission for her Gender in Popular Culture class was deemed a “solid proposal” by Nipper, but the educator went further to explain the failing grade. “The terms ‘biological women’ are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they further reinforce heteronormativity.”

The dejected student shared her story in a TikTok video, never imagining that it would take on a life of its own.

Krolczyk asked how she would be able to successfully complete her project, which was on challenges women faced before and in the Title IX era, without saying “biological women.”

The assignment was to choose and write on a topic concerning feminism. The student’s project covered everything from women securing positions in the Olympic Games to “transgender” men taking spots in women’s sports.

This subject matter was bound to create havoc at an American university, and it did not disappoint.

Nipper countered Krolczyk’s proposal with an admonition to reassess her topic. The instructor told her to edit the proposal to place the focus on women’s rights (not just “females”) and then she would regrade.

The chemistry major reported the rebuttal to school officials.

This led to the Gender Equality Office assigning a different professor to grade the assignment, and Krolczyk eventually completed the course and earned an A.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the university told Nipper in writing that “this is to be considered a formal reprimand for your actions. A copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent records.”

The school added that “any other violations of UC policy may be subject to further disciplinary actions up to and including termination.” It noted that Nipper is an “at will” employee, meaning she may be terminated with or without cause.

She must also submit syllabi for the next school year to the institution for approval.

In the current landscape of higher education that favors woke indoctrination over practical learning, this is an extremely positive sign. UC is to be commended.