Woke ‘Lightyear’ Continues Lightweight Box Office Performance

“Lightyear” is even more of a box office lightweight than everyone thought after posting a historic dive in its second week of release. The verdict is in — audiences are underwhelmed by woke Disney’s latest attempt to foist gay themes onto young children.

On the heels of a disappointing $51 million domestic haul, the latest in the iconic Toy Story franchise cratered to $17.7 million in its second weekend of release. This marks a 65% plunge, the worst second-weekend drop in Pixar’s 25-year history — excluding “Onward.”

Which, incidentally, opened in March 2020. Ground zero for COVID-19.

“Lightyear’s” opening take was not even enough to overtake “Jurassic World: Dominion’s” second weekend. So, no claiming to be a #1 box office smash.

As for recouping costs, that goal flew out of Disney’s window. Production took a cool $200 million and promotion another $100 million. With its worldwide take floundering at $152 million, the entertainment giant has yet another bomb on its hands.

Memo to Disney: parents notice when their children are targets of indoctrination. A Canadian school decided against a field trip to see “Lightyear,” and an Oklahoma theater advertised it would “fast-forward” through the controversial lesbian kissing scene.

On the bright side, it is amusing to watch the leftist media attempt to explain away the obvious. The movie suffered from poor marketing, $100 million worth of poor marketing. CNN said the studio never made clear the “connection to Andy’s favorite toy.”

Really? The tens of millions of youngsters and parents alike who’ve enjoyed the “Toy Story” franchise cannot make the connection between Buzz Lightyear and “Toy Story?”

Some even blamed it on “Top Gun: Maverick.” Or its confusing premise, like that has ever stopped kids from seeing a movie. Inflation, recession concerns, streaming, Putin, Trump, anything but the reason staring everyone in the face.

Nostalgia sells in the dreariness that is 2022, as the recent “Top Gun” and “Jurassic World” releases prove. But woke nostalgia isn’t nostalgia anyway, it’s filmmaker’s attempt to rewrite history with their own beliefs plugged in.

This is what Disney and its industry are slow to realize. The mess they are peddling is everywhere now, all you need is a smartphone and it’s available. Everyone knows this. But there is still a line parents draw and continue to draw around their children, and don’t look for that to change.