Who Is the Joe Biden Classified Document Leaker?

It appears that the classified documents found at Joe Biden’s home and library may have a mysterious origin. There is likely a leaker of the contents of the documents who sent them to CBS news. This may be the bigger story in the long run.

This comes after it was revealed that the White House sat on the information regarding the classified documents for more than two months. This period of time included the Administration debating among itself about the best course of action.

There is some good news, as Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur as Special Counsel to investigate the documents. However, whether or not any special counsel has the gumption to charge a sitting president is unlikely.

One question emerges during the document investigation: is there any chance that it could be connected to Hunter Biden? After all, there is clear evidence that he has access to the garage in which some of the documents were stored.

This alone isn’t enough to prove that Hunter led to the leak. As the president’s son, it would be unlikely he leaked them to the press directly. However, his carelessness may have led to information leaking about the hot papers.

Seems like this would have been a more significant error to Joe Biden. After all, he helped sink President Jimmy Carter’s nomination of Ted Sorensen as CIA Director because Sorensen brought home classified documents.

The American public has now seen accusations against three high-ranking officials regarding classified documents: Presidents Biden and Trump, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Whether there is a case against President Biden is still unclear.

However, it appears that the odds of a sitting president being indicted are remarkably low. Furthermore, many recent high-profile political scandals have leaned in the Democrats’ favor. Having allies in the media certainly won’t hurt.

The special counsel’s decision is going to be an interesting one — and one that will have a great effect on the similar topic of President Trump’s documents.