White House’s Messaging on Baby Formula Shortage Keeps Getting Worse

In the United States, the ongoing baby formula shortage is literally a matter of life and death. This is made clear by the multiple infant hospitalizations that have taken place due to a lack of access to this formula.

The White House’s messaging on these shortages has been shockingly subpar. Meanwhile, as people come out and call out Biden, fact-checkers are rushing to his defense.

PolitiFact, the Washington Post, and other fact-checkers claim that it’s a “partisan attack” to point out Biden’s role in baby formula shortages.

Unfortunately, the White House has not helped Americans’ concerns. Babies are still ongoing without formula; however, the Biden administration has been very clear on what it thinks parents should do as this all plays out.

The Latest From the Biden Administration on Formula Shortages
On Instagram, the White House said parents should either try different formulas for their children or seek out baby formula samples from their pediatricians.

Not all infants can simply use generic formulas or even formulas that are different from what their bodies are used to. Some infants have suffered adverse health reactions when parents tried this.

Meanwhile, the samples the White House claims that parents should get from pediatricians will not be enough. Babies need continuous access to formula in order to get the nutrients required for them to remain alive and healthy.

Also, some pediatricians have stated online that they don’t have the baby formula samples referenced by the White House.

As the Biden administration puts out this messaging, an even worse talking point has come from Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA). During a Wednesday sit-down with MSNBC, the California Democrat pointed fingers at parents over the baby formula shortages.

According to Porter, parents are purchasing “a lot” of formula as Biden moves “very quickly” to avert this crisis.

No One Else to Blame
Contrary to what fact-checkers want the country to believe, the White House does have a hand in the baby formula shortage that is happening right now.

This administration was recently called out for choosing to send baby formula down to the southern border as infants go without it. The White House responded by claiming this decision was “morally right.”

If Biden was truly serious about ending this shortage, he would be allowing the importation of baby formula from other nations. To this very day, this is a solution the federal government keeps standing in the way of.

Meanwhile, the lives and health of babies literally hang in the balance.