White House Is Trying To Hide Kamala Harris From The Press

It is believed that the White House’s new strategy to keep Vice President Kamala Harris out of the eyes of the press is by keeping her on backline issues that hardly gain the spotlight. This is being done to improve her image and perception in local media and to hide her incompetence and mistakes, which she is prone to making.

Earlier in April, Politico reported that after a trip to Poland and calling a dozen senators to push for the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation, Kamala Harris took a trip to Greenville, Mississippi. They pointed out that it was nowhere important, such as Ukraine, the Southern Border, or any other place.

Greenville, Mississippi, a small town of nearly 30,000 residents, is not the typical place you see a national Democrat visiting. She was sent there to make people believe she was there to talk about small businesses and community programs. This story was backed by Bill Bynum who was a part of an agency review team during Joe Biden’s presidential transition. Bynum built up the story by stating how Harris believed the current administration could help underprivileged communities by investing in them.

However, it is thought that all of this is part of a new strategy to ensure Harris isn’t active but not quite in action either. People like Jen Psaki can use her visits to these communities to dodge questions aimed at the VP’s errors or shortcomings.

Although Politico does hint that Harris’ work isn’t essential, especially considering that the Democrats hardly win in Mississippi or Louisiana. Instead, her visits are only to make those communities feel seen and heard so that they have hope. This will help other underprivileged communities feel hopeful as well for a better future.

These visits have gathered scrutiny for not making much of a difference to the communities she is visiting. Rather they are seen as a cover-up to keep her occupied in a risk-free environment.

As President Joe Biden continues to show signs of “dementia” during his presidency, many believe that Harris could be the new president. When that happens, she won’t have any underprivileged communities to run to, and her mistakes will be magnified and out in the open.