White House Becoming Increasingly More “Tone-Deaf”

For quite some time, the Biden Administration has demonstrated real issues with effective communication.

For instance, as the White House remains focused on infrastructure and the filibuster, polls show that Americans want Biden to focus more on matters like the economy and inflation.

Biden professed last week that he has “outperformed” as President on a similar note. Yet, his approval rating is at the historic low of just 33%. Time and time again, this President shows that he’s not in touch with how the country perceives his leadership.

Currently, many Democrats are frustrated with the Biden Administration for failing to pass a series of bills that would hijack and federalize US elections. As covered by TheBlaze, the White House had a very peculiar message to people with these concerns.

Democrats have been exasperated with Biden for quite some time due to his failure to get past the legislation they’d like. The latest message from his press secretary, Jen Psaki, isn’t likely to cool off this exasperation any time soon.

Amid Democrats’ failed attempt to destroy the Senate filibuster, it became clear that Biden’s prized elections bills weren’t going to pass. When Psaki was questioned about this during an interview, she urged unhappy Democrats to “have a margarita” or take up “kickboxing classes.”

The White House press secretary then said that Democrats must “keep fighting.”

Interestingly enough, Psaki’s recommendations of margaritas and kickboxing didn’t go over well with many Americans on either side of the aisle.

Many Republicans mocked the White House press secretary, claiming that her comments were bizarre. Conservatives also questioned the optics of such a message, stating that it reflects poorly on the Biden Administration.

Democrats weren’t too pleased with Psaki’s recommendation either. Many folks on the left slammed the Biden Administration for failing to pass the elections bills they wanted. Other Democrats declared that Psaki’s calls for Americans to get margaritas and go kickboxing as condescending.

Other pushback against this remark from the White House dealt with higher prices and inflation. Some people took to social media, noting that many Americans don’t have disposable income to waste on alcohol or fitness classes.

Between the Biden Administration’s failed attempt to overturn the filibuster and the lack of delivery to their base (on matters like climate change and student loan debt), to say the Democrat Party is in bad shape would be an understatement.