Whistleblower Getting Intimidated By The Biden Administration’s Official

Two Senate Republicans claim that the head of a government agency is trying to harass and intimidate a federal whistleblower for exposing his attempt at a power grab.

Sens. Mike Braun (R-IN) and Richard Burr (R-NC) sent a letter addressing Joe Biden on Tuesday to relieve the chairman of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, Arthur Traynor, of his duties. This was done after the two came across a complaint that Traynor tried to consolidate power over legal issues inspected by the federal agency’s three-member commission.

Once Traynor caught wind of the whistleblower, he put them on an investigative leave without any prior notice or explanation.

This complaint had been brought to the attention of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. The two Republican Senators also explained in their letter how Traynor has a tendency to be demeaning or intimidating in the workplace, even towards the other two commissioners who are his equals.

Burr noted that this allegation against Traynor is to be taken notice of because it highlights the shortcomings of the Biden administration.

This administration has been appointing unfit bureaucrats in high positions.

There has yet to be any response from both the White House and the federal agency in question regarding the letter or allegations against Traynor.

This incident took place only two months after Eric Lander, a top White House science advisor, was investigated regarding intimidating and threatening employees. Lander resigned from his position in response to the complaints of a toxic environment in the Whitehouse. The whistleblower pointed out that Lander gave special access to selective outsiders like Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Before being appointed to the agency, Traynor held a position at a mine workers union that spent around 80% of its contributions funding democratic candidates in the 2020 elections.