When Victimhood Becomes Currency

A wave of hoaxed hate crimes against minorities in America has recently been reported. It is no good because, then what happens is, people who are having hate crimes done against them for being minorities are more afraid to speak up, especially if they are already not sure they can prove what happened, that they run the risk of appearing to exploit the race card, and that the extensive media coverage of these infamous misdeeds has rendered the public more apt to cast doubt upon the possibility of racially motivated crime or even mistreatment or unfair treatment, or otherwise bigotry motivated.

But also, if you think about it, that police report the one actor filed that ended up with him being found guilty of disorderly conduct for lying to the police was one of the most amazing memes ever created. It was essentially a caricature of Trump supporters. Still, a caricature was so wildly blown out of proportion to what most Trump supporters are actually like, so ridiculously even hilariously evil, with no regard to making any sense in context, like a dream or something, that if one takes these essential characteristics of the meme into account, it is not a caricature of Trump supporters.

In a sort of performance art piece, it is a caricature of Trump Derangement Syndrome, being spun out of a probably deranged and psychotic mind that broke with the “reality” of social pressure. Partisan politics, or any sense of place, time, and context with credible details, to perniciously clown the left for TDS. The left has to own up to its role in causing this by creating such a mentally unhealthy environment with all the crap they tweet and post online. The unexamined shadow creature of the left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome broke through to the surface to reveal its hideous hilarity, channeling through this one poor soul, who has had to bear the penalty of the sin for all the left, like Jesus. Like the social justice warrior and even mainstream media pundit left’s own personal Jesus.