What Is The FBI Hiding About January 6?

The Democrat Party has done everything it can to milk January 6 for all it’s worth. They’ve used the disturbance at the Capitol to paint all Trump supporters, Republicans, and conservatives as domestic terrorists. 

There is also a commission in Congress right now that is entirely focused on investigating the events of January 6 and what led up to them. However, Democrats haven’t shown an iota of concern for the Black Lives Matter riots during the summer of 2020. The pearl-clutching over January 6 also hasn’t extended to Antifa burning down buildings or tearing down monuments. 

However, the plot thickens. The Federalist is now reporting that the FBI (under Biden’s instruction) is assisting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in halting Republicans from probing the events of January 6.

House Republicans have taken steps to review the conduct and readiness of the U.S. Capitol police officers on January 6. Republicans aim to ascertain what happened and whether or not law enforcement did everything they should have done. 

However, Democrats and the FBI are saying no deal. Right now, these groups are actively blocking the GOP from getting various documents, records, and information. Instead, the FBI curtly instructed House Republicans to contact “the Select Committee” to get the aforementioned details. 

It’s worth noting the very same documents the FBI is refusing to give to House Republicans are the documents they gladly turned over to Pelosi’s January 6 commission. It has left many Republican lawmakers and conservative voters wondering what the Biden-Harris-Pelosi regime has to hide.

What House GOP members are asking for is not unreasonable. There needs to be a deeper dive into why the FBI and the Biden administration refuse to cooperate. 

Republicans have expressed an interest in learning why the FBI failed to give the proper notice of a possible threat until less than 24 hours ahead of time. Likewise, GOP members question why the National Guard wasn’t promptly called in to dispel the chaos.

Furthermore, there are inquiries about why the National Guard didn’t arrive on the scene until three hours after they got the call. These questions, and many others, are worth getting to the bottom of. 

Democrats want to keep these facts hidden and in the dark. It sends up a plethora of red flags. Moreover, it serves as another shining example of why Democrats shouldn’t be anywhere near the congressional majorities. 

If House Republicans take back the majority from their leftist counterparts in 2022, perhaps the GOP can then get one step closer to finding out what happened on January 6.