Washington State Gave Illegals $340 Million In COVID Funds

A new report from the Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC) has unveiled a startling misuse of COVID-19 relief funds in Washington State. According to the report, $340 million initially meant for pandemic relief was diverted to illegal immigrants, raising significant questions about the allocation of federal funds and Democrats’ disastrous open borders policies.

The diverted money was a part of the $4.4 billion granted to Washington state under the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF), which the American Rescue Plan Act established. The funds, approved by state lawmakers in 2021, were ostensibly aimed at providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, EPIC’s report reveals a more controversial use: issuing $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants under the Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund.

The report’s findings are particularly alarming given the backdrop of a broader national conversation on border security and immigration. Paul Winfree, CEO of EPIC, expressed concerns to Fox Digital regarding the Biden Administration’s policies. “The administration has been actively encouraging illegal immigration by using COVID money from the SLFRF to provide cash assistance, housing, legal aid, and other benefits to undocumented immigrants,” Winfree stated. He also highlighted the remaining $120 million of unspent funds, which he believes continue to attract illegal immigration.

This expenditure on illegal immigrants is not an isolated case. Washington state has previously allocated significant amounts of federal funds to non-citizens, including at least $100 million lost to a Nigerian scam amid a surge in unemployment claims in 2020.

Moreover, the EPIC report sheds light on other instances where federal funds were used for projects related to illegal immigration in various states, including Arizona and Massachusetts. These included spending on art, music, and dance classes for migrants and the expansion of shelters.

The revelation of these funds being directed to illegal immigrants comes at a time when the U.S. Congress is negotiating a supplemental funding bill with a focus on aid to communities receiving migrants. The ongoing debate includes discussions around restrictions on asylum and the administration’s use of parole.

Republicans have voiced strong opposition to such misappropriation of funds. Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) and Rep. Troy Balderson (R-OH) have introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution to address this issue. Schmitt criticized the Biden Administration for its “wasteful spending, inflationary policies, and economic negligence,” emphasizing the need for fiscal responsibility in Washington.