Washington Post Op-Ed Endorses Name Change for George Washington University

The Washington Post, in a move that was apparently not satire, published an op-ed calling for George Washington University to change its name.

Further proof that to see everything, you simply must live long enough.

The writer, who identifies as a GWU senior, wrote that renaming the student center from some forgotten segregationist university official last year did not go nearly far enough. Not with all the “systemic racism and inequality” students at the prestigious university must endure every day.

His solution? Renaming GWU for someone more historically defensible than the first U.S. president and Father of the Country. Did the writer ever notice the name of the city?

Did the editorial staff at the Washington Post notice the name of their newspaper? You wouldn’t think this kind of rhetoric would be coming from such a colonialist newspaper.

The perpetually outraged and miserable left must have an axe to grind, substantial or not. And no amount of appeasement will placate them.

There isn’t even a point in trying to compromise with them. Even if GWU was renamed, the anger would immediately transfer to some other unendurable injustice that must immediately be addressed.