Virginia Democrats Are Not Doing Themselves Any Favors

Things are not looking good for Virginia Democrats. The winning streak they’ve enjoyed in the state’s politics for years on end may be coming to a rapid close. 

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is virtually tied with GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. 

Polls have gotten progressively worse for McAuliffe as the Virginia race nears its end. However, the Democrat certainly hasn’t done himself any favors by declaring weeks ago that parents don’t deserve to weigh in on what their kids are learning in schools. 

Much of the country is aware of McAuliffe’s flubs and missteps. Nevertheless, there is notably less awareness of the reality that other Virginia Democrats aren’t doing so well either, as documented by Free Beacon.

Democrats in Virginia have gotten to the point where they are actively blocking anyone from recording their public remarks. Employees working for Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria prohibits filming, even at open campaign events. 

During one campaign event that Luria participated in, a staffer informed a political tracker that recording was not allowed. The political tracker’s camera was even physically blocked to prevent him from documenting what was going on. 

The political tracker was not pleased with this. The individual questioned how Virginia Democrats could run for office and engage in campaign events while not being recorded. 

Other individuals who have attempted to record Virginia Democrats were instructed to leave events; some staffers for these lawmakers even used clipboards to block cameras. 

In U.S. politics, political trackers are commonplace, and they regularly appear at events hosted by Democrats and Republicans alike. It isn’t a personal vendetta to hurt Virginia Democrats. Yet, they’re acting like it is. 

If Virginia Democrats are this uncomfortable with being recorded, perhaps they should rethink whether or not public service is the lane they want to be in. Public service is just that: public service. 

It involves being visible, present, and working for the community you’re supposed to represent. Somewhere along the way, it appears as though Democrats in Virginia have forgotten that. 

It is not a good look, primarily as Virginia Democrats ensure Terry McAuliffe makes it to the governor’s mansion for another term. 

McAuliffe had his tussles with the media, though. Not too long ago, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate abruptly stopped an interview with a local reporter, lambasting this reporter for not asking “better questions.”