Vice President Bombs In Good Morning America Interview

Over this week, various reports of issues with Vice President Kamala Harris within the White House have become public knowledge. This fascinating saga first began when CNN released an expose detailing animosity, tension, and even concerns of disloyalty regarding Harris’ position in the Biden administration.

It set off something within the White House because they pulled out every single stop to make this narrative disappear. The White House’s press secretary put out a statement, declaring Harris as an invaluable and relied-upon official to Biden.

During Monday’s signing of the infrastructure bill, Biden and Harris pretty much went overboard in trying to appear close to one another and in good graces. Earlier this week, the vice president also sat down for an interview with Good Morning America amid the negative rumors surrounding her.

Yet, Harris managed to drop the ball during this interview, as PJ Media has noted.

While speaking with Good Morning America on Thursday, Harris was naturally asked about her role in the White House. More specifically, the vice president faced questions about whether she believes the White House is treating her appropriately and making the most use of what she has to offer.

To this end, the vice president stated the Biden administration is “getting things done” and completing tasks together. Harris also made sure to chuckle at the end of the response. Shortly after that, the vice president then went on to redirect attention to the infrastructure bill.

Harris explained this week was a good one. She then declared that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passing into law would have a positive role in the lives of Americans. Most people already know this is a lie. However, no one in the Biden administration fidelity with truth or transparency.

Throughout Harris’ time with Good Morning America, she worked hard to dispel any rumors of problems with her experience in the White House.

For instance, the vice president declared she feels “excited” about the accomplishments of the White House thus far and looks forward to getting even more done with the Biden administration.

During the interview on Thursday, Harris did not weigh in on reports that the White House is considering outing her from the vice presidency role. After the interview aired, a good deal of people took to social media, declaring they think there’s more than Harris is letting on.