Vast Majority Believe US Headed In Wrong Direction

A stunning recent poll laid out bad news for President Joe Biden and his quest for four more years. A staggering 78% of American adults believe the country is heading in the “wrong direction” and only 21% are happy with the status quo.

The Associated Press-NORC Research Center poll came just days after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) ouster.

The negative total was 3% higher than the previous month and the highest since May. That came during wall-to-wall news coverage of the debt ceiling crisis.

The results revealed even more bad news for Biden and his hopes for reelection. The Democrat’s approval rating was only 38%, and a solid 61% majority disapprove of the job the White House is doing in steering the country.

His approval rating was 40% in September and 42% in August.

As Biden’s public perception sinks to record lows, one conservative commentator made a valid point regarding why his fall is so remarkable.

Jonathan Turley of George Washington University is a prominent attorney and famous for his poignant takes on politics. He observed that Biden enjoyed an advantage that his predecessor never remotely approached.

Turley noted, “What is most striking about these polls is that the public has reached these conclusions despite a media that is overwhelmingly protective of the President. Despite the media running cover for the Bidens for years, the public is just not buying it.”

Contrast that to the White House tenure of former President Donald Trump.

For four long years, everything he said or did was dissected by a critical media. Due credit was not awarded for a robust economy, world peace and a border that was under control.

Instead, every tweet was explored for possible “meanness” and Trump was the whipping boy for leftist journalists. His followers were “deplorables” and a cult, and Democrats were pronounced as the saviors of democracy who would rescue the country from a madman.

So, how is that rescue going?

Inflation hit 40-year highs, the border is a porous disaster, and the world continues to flirt with widespread wars that the U.S. allowed itself to be dragged into. The deficit is soaring and the people know that their country is not in good hands.

And, as Turley said, this realization was reached despite all traditional news sources denying that the sky is falling. Having 78% of Americans believing the nation is on the skids is not just bad news for Democrats — it’s bad news for the U.S.