Vaccine Mandates Being Collectively Tossed Into The Trash Bins

For the better part of his presidency and in true tyranny fashion, Joe Biden has been working day and night to strong-arm Americans into taking COVID vaccines. The 46th President rolled out a series of aggressive mandates that would have individuals sacked from their employment if they chose to forgo vaccination against COVID.

There’s no room for tyranny like this in the United States. That’s why religious organizations and business groups joined forces with Republican leaders in suing the Biden administration over this mandate.

During the onset of these legal challenges, Biden laughed at the pushback and arrogantly dared people against the mandates to “have at it.” Meanwhile, the White House continued to assert that Biden was within his legal bounds in implementing these mandates.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court believes otherwise. Days ago, the country’s highest court removed the COVID vaccine mandate for businesses with 100+ workers. The Supreme Court also confirmed that OSHA never had the authority to make public health demands.

Now, across the United States, COVID vaccine mandates are being thrown into the trash bins where they belong, as confirmed by RedState.

Since the Supreme Court’s groundbreaking takedown of Biden’s edict, companies like General Electric, Amtrak, and others have canceled the COVID vaccine mandates they previously put into effect.

Despite how much Democrats want the country to believe vaccination mandates are widely popular, this is far from true. Businesses have been put through the wringer over the past couple of years. The last thing they want to do is set policies that will alienate workers.

While the Supreme Court left Biden’s vaccination order intact for healthcare workers, even some health-based facilities are removing their mandates by their own volition. Medical centers have been hit hard with staffing shortages. In light of this, their need for workers is perhaps more significant than it’s ever been.

By the Supreme Court taking down Biden’s most prominent and most widespread vaccine mandate, they ensured the nation dodged a bullet. Had Biden’s edict been able to stand, it would have been terrible news for the country.

Biden and other authoritarian leftists like him would have been encouraged to pass even more policies that infringe upon individuals’ rights to make healthcare decisions. At some point, enough is enough.

The Supreme Court’s takedown of the business mandate also serves as a reminder of all that conservatives can do by joining forces and refusing to bow the knee to tyranny.