US Governors ‘Laugh’ Biden Out Of The Room

From an objective standpoint, no serious person can take Joe Biden seriously.

Biden, back in December, admitted that a “federal solution” to coronavirus is not feasible. At the same time, Biden tried his hardest to implement federal coronavirus vaccine mandates for large corporations and federal workers. Thankfully, the Supreme Court and a federal judge in Texas threw these mandates out.

The 46th President ran for office on a promise of being a “unifying” leader. Yet, during his time in office, he’s declared that “patience” with unvaccinated Americans is waning, demanded Republican governors to “get out of the way,” and hurled slurs at reporters who ask tough questions.

It’s not just Republicans who don’t take Biden seriously, either.

Georgia gubernatorial Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams was a no-show when Biden appeared in Atlanta for a “voting rights” speech. Meanwhile, Texas gubernatorial Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke has said he doesn’t want Biden’s support in his campaign.

A series of other state-level Democrats are finding various excuses to distance themselves and Biden. Now, a brand new report by RedState shows that governors across the United States have given low ratings to Biden’s time in office.

Earlier this week, the 46th President convened with Republican and Democrat governors across the country. The feedback from these state leaders wasn’t what Biden likely anticipated.

The bipartisan coalition of governors let the President know it’s time to shift gears from COVID. Arkansas GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson specifically noted governors’ overall view of the need for Biden to create a path to normalcy.

Biden seemed taken aback by this and told the nation’s governors the White House has “a way to go” on making this occur. Things got worse for the President, though.

Collectively, America’s governors rated Biden’s presidency as a “D.” The 46th President’s leadership was ranked explicitly as “poor” upon the request for governors’ feedback. US governors specifically had the most issues with Biden’s lackluster communication, his careless withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, and the ongoing inflation crisis.

The negative consensus from America’s governors comes amid another blow against the 46th President. New polling has indicated that half Americans support Biden being impeached within the past several days. Of this 50%, it includes half of all black voters and even 34% Democrats.

If Biden is interested in maintaining even an iota of dignity, he’ll immediately resign from office.