Unvaccinated Ukrainian Teenager Denied Transplant By Duke Receives Kidney

An unjabbed Ukrainian orphan who was heartlessly refused a life-saving transplant by Duke University’s medical system has thankfully received her new kidney.

The transplant was performed by East Carolina University’s medical center last week and was successful.

In 2022, the Duke medical system came under enormous fire for denying treatment to Yulia Hicks, the teenager adopted by Chrissy and Lee Hicks. They are a pair of North Carolina U.S. Army veterans who took Yulia in knowing she was in dire need of a new kidney.

The couple has 11 children, eight biological and three who are adopted.

Yulia suffers from a rare disorder called Senior Loken Syndrome that meant she needed to receive a transplant to save her life and keep her from undergoing dialysis.

The arrogance of the Duke system shocked many, including mom Chrissy. She recounted asking a medical official to clarify that if her daughter did not get the vaccine, “then she’s not getting a transplant?”

The employee confirmed her question, saying, “Yes, that is the one thing that is holding us up.”

The family had told medical officials at Duke for two years that they were uncomfortable with the COVID-19 vaccine. Lee said the hospital was well aware that they had reservations about being forced to take a shot.

He explained that “it wasn’t a requirement. It was…a recommendation, according to [the doctors] at first — until the very end.”

Yulia has not been vaccinated but already dealt with coronavirus, leading her parents to believe that she now has natural immunities. The family had nothing but praise for East Carolina after the successful surgery on May 26.

In an online posting, they announced, “Yulia has a new kidney!” Her adoptive parents thanked her “amazing live donor. His initials are JJ. Please pray for his recovery. He is a hero.”

In response to her needlessly dangerous plight, the North Carolina House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed Yulia’s Law. This bill bans medical discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status, and now it is in the state Senate.

The Hicks family said in an update that, despite incredible support in the House, the measure is in danger of dying in the Senate. They asked that supporters contact the legislature and demand passage of the bill.

The family is also suing Duke University for its failure to treat their daughter.