Undercover Video Shows Teacher Discussing How To Hide Teaching Woke Ideology

In a shocking undercover video, a North Carolina teacher revealed how she is able to hide the radical leftist ideology that she is teaching to her students.

On Tuesday, Accuracy in Media published an undercover video showing teachers discussing their teaching of so-called “White privilege” and Critical Race Theory (CRT) — revealing how they are able to hide it to prevent parents from finding out.

Accuracy in Media is a non-profit media watchdog that “uses citizen activism and investigative journalism to expose media bias, corruption, and public policy failings,” according to their website.

The watchdog shared the undercover footage on Twitter.

“If I taught in Texas, I’d be fired,” one of the teachers can be heard saying in the video.

Sherry Barnett, the first individual caught on video, is a digital learning lead teacher at Rockingham County Schools. She can be heard admitting that her school teaches about “systemic racism” and “social justice” — but she explained that keeping parents from finding out is all about being “very careful with wording.”

“We haven’t had any major complaints about what’s being taught… Yes it’s wording. Yeah. Because, in this area, if you say ‘privilege’ it does immediately give some people that negative feeling,” Barnett explained.

“We, as a whole staff of curriculum people, have been through… basically we called it ‘diversity’ but — training,” she continued, adding: “Our entire central office staff and principals went through that and the understanding of, you know, fair versus equal, those kinds of things.”

“Equity training,” Barnett noted.

Another person in the background can be heard asking her why what he called the “tiki torch crowd” doesn’t come after them for teaching the woke ideology.

“I think it’s about wording,” Barnett responded, noting that “we went through it” a few years ago with parents but now they are “very careful with wording.”

This news comes as Republican lawmakers in North Carolina are trying to pass legislation prohibiting the teaching of CRT in schools. The bill was passed by the state House in March and was sent to the Senate.

Across the country, parents have been calling out teachers for pushing CRT. Many have spoken before their school boards in opposition to the racist ideology: