UN Group Scorches Biden’s Border Management

Since Joe Biden’s time in the White House, he’s faced consistent criticism for his management of the southern border. On Biden’s watch, there have been notable increases in illegal immigrants coming across the border, largely incentivized by the administration’s current policies.

In the meantime, Border Patrol agents continue to be swamped by the numbers and clusters of migrants they aren’t equipped to handle. Republicans have repeatedly called on the White House to get a hold of what’s happening on the border. Yet, these calls continue to land on deaf ears.

Now, a United Nations group is joining in on the criticism of how Biden’s managing the southern border.

A Scathing Assessment From the International Organization for Migration
On July 1, the International Organization for Migration said 2021 saw more than 700 deaths on the US southern border. Later, the United Nations group went on to describe this as the most fatal land crossing worldwide.

Unfortunately, the International Organization for Migration also warns that official numbers on the books are actually undercounted. This means that even more deaths have occurred on the watch of the Biden administration and have yet to be officially documented.

Human smuggling, the imports of fentanyl, and endangerment of children’s lives stand as additional issues tied to the management of the southern border.

The 2021 deaths on the US southern border mark a notable increase from those of 2020 during former President Trump’s time in office.

However, under the Trump administration, pro-migration groups, including the International Organization for Migration, slammed the former president’s immigration reforms.

Late last month, the discovery of 53 dead migrants in a truck located in San Antonio, Texas also drew attention to Biden’s handling of the southern border.

No Likely Policy Changes
Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, on the other hand, doesn’t see issues with how the southern border is being handled.

On Sunday, Mayorkas spoke with ABC News, saying a “good job” is being done. The DHS secretary followed this up by claiming border officials managed to assist over 10,000 migrants and prevent hundreds of vehicle entries.

Meanwhile, both Mayorkas and Biden remain under fire for their handling of the border.

Ultimately, with the DHS secretary believing the current border situation is a job well done, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting to see immigration policy changes anytime soon.