UK To Flood Rural Areas With Migrants As ‘Replenishment’

The U.K. government concocted a startling new goal of “replenishing” rural areas with waves of migrants to “spread opportunity more equally” across the country.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) issued a new report detailing its belief that both migrants and the nation would be better served by distributing the joys of diversity throughout the countryside. This will not only thwart depopulation but rebuild aging communities.

Never mind that most migrants choose to live in urban areas. The report’s recommendations include a “leveling-up agenda” meant to serve as a “moral, social, and economic program” for the entire U.K.

This bizarre program would be enacted using “rural visas.”

Specific regions to be targeted were not identified, but MAC chairman Brian Bell told the media that the areas could be in Scotland and Wales. He explained that the number of locations should be “limited.”

He added that new immigration rules may be created to enable low-skill migrants to be employed in the agricultural, fishing, and hospitality industries.

Supporters of the scheme suggest lowering skill requirements for visas even below existing levels. These get-into-the-country-free cards would last for five years.

They would tie the migrants to the region until the period expires and the right to settle permanently is granted. At that point, they could move where they choose.

Bell admitted there is little data on to base his group’s optimistic projections on. A “fully evaluated pilot program” would be useful, he declared, in determining the potential success of filling the countryside with migrants.

As most immigration advocates preach, Bell said the new system would “address some of the negative impacts of rural depopulation.” He added that it would enable less populated areas to “sustain local public services and key industries.”

The U.K., like most of the West, is experiencing unprecedented numbers of illegal migration.

For perspective, the late 1990s saw an average net migration below 50,000 per year. But the Office for National Statistics in July announced annual net migration reached a record 504,000. Even the figures that helped inspire the Brexit referendum averaged “only” roughly 300,000 per year.