UK Is Sending Illegal Aliens To Rwanda

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Borris Johnson has become the new face of the ‘Back to Africa’ movement as he sends illegal immigrants to Rwanda for processing their cases.

Much like the United States, for years Britain has also struggled with an illegal immigration crisis along its borders. There are many similarities between the two, such as the use of the Rio Grande River and the English Channel by migrant caravans. In most cases, these migrants arrive due to trafficking at the hands of criminal gangs. Since both countries have inadequate immigration laws, the crisis at the border continues to worsen.

The British Government has come up with a new solution to this issue. Britain announced an agreement with the African nation of Rwanda to address the issue of illegal immigrants. Under this partnership, the UK will fly the illegal immigrants, who try to enter Britain via clandestine means, to Rwanda. In Rwanda, they will have their immigration and asylum claims processed and allowed to remain and settle in the country.

Included in the deal is Britain’s investment of around $156 Million to strengthen its border security and ties with Rwanda. This process ensures that illegal immigrants will not be allowed to enter the UK and allows asylum seekers to file applications from afar. It reduces the chances of anyone trying to enter the country illegally.

This idea isn’t exactly original, as the US had been partnering with safe countries for immigrants to be redirected to under ‘Safe Third World Country Agreements.’ It allows migrants to file for asylum, with no loopholes in the immigration process. The US has had these agreements with Canada, Guatemala, and Honduras.

These agreements reveal that the US has been very successful with its conservative solutions to the immigrant crisis and border security threats. The rest of the world is following the path America carved out.

As Britain decides to use American policies to manage its border crisis, on the contrary the Democrats are seeking to remove these policies from effect in the US. Britain’s actions should remind the Democrats of America’s success in this area.