UFC Boss Dana White Lets Loose On Media ‘Zeros’

Dana White, the outspoken CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has courted controversy from the media in the past, including by hosting — and even accompanying — former President Donald Trump at several of the league’s fights.

During a recent podcast appearance, however, he brought his simmering hostility toward the media to a boil by unleashing a profanity-laced takedown of the “f—ing zeros” who make up much of the industry.

Noting that the “two most hated people on the planet right now are the media and politicians,” White asserted that no one seems to trust reporters or approve of the work they do. Instead of appealing to a “middle man” in the media, he said that he prefers taking his message directly to his own audience.

According to White’s assessment, the media is not only incompetent but increasingly irrelevant in modern society. Using the widespread fear-mongering of the pandemic era to illustrate his point, he said that news outlets “don’t have the influence or the power that they think they do.”

While he condemned overreach on this issue as well as the promotion of “cancel culture bulls—,” White said that reports about him and the UFC convinced him that the media should not be trusted.

“If the media tells you you’ve got something that is going to fail, it’s definitely going to f—ing win,” he said, using his own success as evidence.

Referring to those in the media as “the dumbest, know-nothing, never f—ing built nothing motherf—ers on the Earth,” White encouraged Americans to believe the opposite of what they are being told.

“So when they say it isn’t going to work, you’ve got a f—ing home run, man,” he said. “Jump in and grind.”

As for why people have traditionally put so much stock in the supposed validity of the media’s opinion, White said he was at a loss.

“Where do they come from?” he asked. “Why does their opinion matter? What have they ever done? What have they ever created? What have they ever built? Who has ever depended on a paycheck from the media? Nobody.”

Instead of accomplishing anything of value for themselves, White concluded that most media figures simply “sit around and write stories about people who are actually doing s—.”