UCLA Professor is Stepping Down Due to the “Woke” Culture

There was a time when higher education in the United States focused on the actual studies, without any political agendas laced throughout the content. People were able to attend college or university and learn real skills and information that would equip them to have successful careers.

Unfortunately, this is changing very quickly. Many young people are going to colleges and universities, only to learn that opposition to left-wing politics is a form of “violence.” This makes America’s youth ultimately not in the position to handle the real world. Although, things are only getting worse.

America’s modern-day higher education system has become so toxic that UCLA professor Joseph Manson is quitting his job altogether.

What to Know About Manson’s Departure
Earlier this month, Manson posted a blog that details the danger of woke culture in higher education. The professor specifically mentioned that virtually any form of basic study is being put through a filter involving gender identity, race, and other similar lenses.

Furthermore, Manson said that both younger faculty members on the UCLA campus display more wokeness than their older counterparts. Ultimately, this has reached a point of stifling the voices of educators who truly want to teach subjects without weaving in gender identity or other similar filters.

The blog goes on to warn that higher education is going to get even worse, not better. Professors and educators who aren’t interested in teaching through a woke lens will be attacked and vilified simply for doing their jobs.

In explaining his decision to retire from the UCLA, Manson warned that corruption runs so deep that little hope exists of repairing it. He’s decided to get out now while the getting is still good.

Pushback from the UCLA
After Manson’s blog on higher education went viral, UCLA issued a rebuttal. According to the institution, free thought, academic freedom, and the flow of ideas are permitted and welcomed.

However, the UCLA then followed up that anything deemed as hatred or discrimination will not be permitted. After citing its support for respectful debates, the UCLA explained that everyone has a duty to remain respectful to one another, even when disagreements emerge.