U.S. Air Force Deployed “Doomsday” Plane to Europe During Biden’s Visit

The U.S. Air Force deployed one of its “Doomsday” planes to Europe last week as part of Joe Biden’s mission to promote unity among allies in opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That’s the nickname that has been given to the E4-B Nightwatch that has been designed to serve as a command and control center in the event of nuclear warfare or an electromagnetic burst attack.

The Air Force keeps at least four of the aircraft on standby at all times in the event of an attack. The jets are built on a Boeing 747 frame and have been in service since the 1980s. The one deployed to Europe last week flew to RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, England, after refueling midair above the Atlantic.

The planes have been developed to maintain contact with U.S and allied military units around the globe in order to coordinate communications in the event of an attack. The jets are capable of delivering orders from the president to U.S. ICBM silos and nuclear submarines anywhere in the world.

The deployment also followed statements last week by Russian military spokesman Dmitry Peskov that his country could use nuclear weapons in the event of “an existential threat.”

NATO also agreed to provide Ukraine with additional equipment that would protect against the threat of Russian chemical attacks. General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said that the equipment could include detection and protective devices as well as medical support and training.

NATO has also moved four battlegroups to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Alliance leaders meeting in Brussels reaffirmed the commitment to help Ukraine defend itself against biological, chemical, or nuclear attack. New anti-surface ship missiles are also reportedly being provided to Ukraine.

Biden said after the Brussels meeting that the most important thing is for NATO allies to remain unified and have the world focus on “what a brute” Putin is. He emphasized that the world should know about the “innocent people’s lives that are being lost and ruined.”