Two Hamtramck Commissioners Booted For Violating LGBT Flag Ban

Amid an ongoing backlash against the promulgation of far-left LGBT ideology in American society, Christians and Muslims have found some common ground.

Many adherents to both faiths have spoken out forcefully against exposing young children to controversial and often explicit material aimed at promoting such lifestyles and identities.

In Hamtramck, Michigan, which has a city council composed entirely of Muslims, the display of LGBT flags has been prohibited on public property. An ordinance enforcing the ban was proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Muhammad Hassan and approved by the council last month.

While the move elicited criticism from leftists within the city and across the country, many locals believed that the ban was warranted. It does not single out LGBT banners but instead limits the type of flags that can be displayed on government buildings and other public spaces.

“You don’t see my family saying, ‘We’re going to put the Lebanese flag down your throat,” one supporter of the ordinance said. “You want to put up the gay flag at your house, then put it up at your house. Do not put it on city property, and do not put it on our schools.”

Weeks after its passage, however, some local leaders were apparently not interested in following the new law and two members of the Hamtramck Human Relations Commission were fired.

Reports indicate that Russ Gordon and Cathy Stackpoole flew a pride flag on a public sidewalk during a recent protest. Following a unanimous vote by the council just days later, they both lost their positions on the commission.

City Manager Max Garbarino followed up with a statement linking the flag display to the council’s decision to remove them from the board.

“The council passed a resolution on Tuesday night removing them for violating the previous flag violation,” he said. “The police department is investigating if any criminal laws were actually broken.”

Despite Islam’s teachings on related issues, many leftists have reacted with dismay after seeing the reaction of Muslim leaders to the onslaught of LGBT demands.

Former Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewsky, for example, asserted: “There’s a sense of betrayal. We supported you when you were threatened, and now our rights are threatened, and you’re the one doing the threatening.”