Twitter Deletes Account Of Actress Just Before ‘My Son Hunter’ Released

The actress playing the leading role for the film “My Son Hunter,” Gina Carano, has had her twitter account deleted just before the release of the film that depicts the son of President Joe Biden in a presumably negative light.

The was not simply suspended by Twitter’s content moderation team, as suspended accounts typically display the message: “this account has been suspended.”

Another way Twitter cracks down on those who dare to speak in ways that offend the left are temporary account lock-outs, but in that case Carano’s tweets would still be visible — but she would be unable to access her account until she met Twitter’s conditions, which usually involve deleting an offending tweet.

While Carano’s page indicates that her account has been deleted, that does not necessarily mean that she deleted it herself. Accounts can be deleted by Twitter, but this happens very rarely.

One major example of this happened to then-President Donald Trump in 2017, prior to his permanent suspension from the platform. Trump’s account was briefly deleted by a disgruntled Twitter employee on his last day on the job. When Twitter users tried to navigate to the president’s page during that time, they were shown a message which stated: “sorry, that page doesn’t exist.”

Trump’s account was later restored, until January 2020 when he was permanently suspended following the January 6 Capitol riot. The employee who deleted the president’s account was a mid-level member of Twitter’s trust and safety team — which is the department responsible for creating and executing the platform’s increasingly expansive censorship policies. He later tried to claim that deleting Trump’s account was an “accident.”

The timing of Carano’s account deletion is suspect, considering the movie she stars in, My Son Hunter — which exposes President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden — is set to be released on September 7. The movie, which is directed by Robert Davi and stars Carano, Laurence Fox, John James, and Emma Gojkovic, is the first feature film to be distributed by Breitbart News.

The film is being widely promoted, and Twitter’s politically-motivated actions will likely not keep the film from being a hit.