Turkey Pardons President Joe Biden At Annual Ceremony

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, it is hard to ignore the turkey, mashed potatoes and gratitude surrounding our American tables. True fine dining. What is even harder to ignore? The turkey when President Biden participated in the annual White House turkey pardon on Monday.

This year America’s favorite turkey, “Chocolate,” was put on the table as President Joe Biden waved the microphone around. After Biden confirmed the name of the poor uncomfortable turkey, he began to let Chocolate know he was being rescued from the same fate as his feathery friends. Then, he proceeded to speak to the turkey like you might expect one to talk to a puppy or an infant.

The combination of President Joe Biden’s petting, cutesy voices, and microphone use left the turkey feeling threatened. When the POTUS touches Chocolate, he puffed and fluffed his feathers on the table. What does it mean when a Turkey ruffles its feathers?

The turkey felt threatened! Turkeys exhibit this defensive gesture to ward off anything or anyone they see as a threat. They also do this to show off their dominance. Either way, if they sense danger, the gesture is supposed to let the predator know that if they decide to make another move, it’s about to go down.

President Biden’s encounter with the turkey wasn’t the only disastrous moment at the annual ceremony. He also made bad foreign travel jokes to the turkey farmer, referencing that he has visited Turkey. To add insult to injury, his joke about the only red wave around here being spilled cranberry sauce should be dually noted.