Tucker Carlson Shows Video Footage Inside Twitter’s Headquarters

Tucker Carlson weighs in on Twitter’s new ownership with a video that’s been compiled of the events that took place at Twitter headquarters when the announcement was made. This is a problem for the left because it truly exposes them for the crybabies that they are.

President Joe Biden’s administration has been stronger against so-called “misinformation” than any administration in our recent history. This has been a large problem for conservatives on social media platforms because Biden’s administration and leftist aren’t being honest about what misinformation consists of.

Carlson said, “Musk’s purchase of Twitter is the single biggest political development since Donald Trump’s election in 2016. It is certainly the most threatening challenge to the corrupt and incompetent leadership of this country. Now that might not be obvious to everyone yet, but the people in charge certainly understand it. Here is the scene from inside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco when the Musk deal was announced.”

Carlson then shows a compilation of Hilary Clinton supporters breaking down and crying when she lost the 2016 presidential election:

Tucker: You just became a little more powerful

The truth about the buyout is that it’s placed the left in a difficult spot. Twitter has been a place where the left has been able to spread any information, they wish but conservatives have been silenced when they try to share conspiracy theories and information that they believed. The information in question generally gets proven correct a short time later.

What the left is missing is that Musk isn’t trying to silence anyone. Musk wants everyone to have a voice no matter what political party they align with or what they believe. The only thing that Musk is limiting is what the law limits in specific countries.

Still, the left is losing their mind and laughing at the idea that Twitter can be a free speech platform. An MSNBC host is also suggesting that the owners of Facebook or Twitter could ban political opponents or turn down the reach on certain posts and most people could miss important topics after an election took place. That’s exactly what Twitter has turned into and Musk wants no part of that.