Tucker Carlson Outlines Where Money Could Go Instead Of Ukraine

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke on his show Thursday about what the $100 billion allocated to Ukraine could have been used for in the United States.

“Let’s pretend we would only spend $100 billion in Ukraine so far. You know we have. What can we do with $100 billion here in the United States? For one thing, and this has been in the news recently, we could modernize our rail system to avoid the thousand derailments we have every year and the mushroom clouds over Ohio that sometimes result from that,” Carlson charged.

“$100 billion is more than five times the entire discretionary budget of the Department of Transportation,” he said. “There is just $13 billion in the DOT budget for transit and less than $3 billion for Amtrak. Remember that? The artery that connects the cities on the East Coast?”

As many likely know by now, a train holding toxic chemicals crashed on Feb. 3 near East Palestine, Ohio. Soon after that, an emergency evacuation was ordered so authorities responding to the situation could launch what they described as a “controlled burn,” lighting up numerous dangerous chemicals into the surrounding environment.

Norfolk Southern, the company that owns the derailed train, touted the burnings as a success. According to a release from The National Transportation Security Board put out Thursday, the catastrophe came as a result of overheated wheel bearings.

“Then there is the FAA, that’s the government agency that is supposed to prevent planes from crashing into each other, killing hundreds of Americans,” Carlson continued. “They got $20 billion in the last budget. Given that planes seem to be coming very close to hitting each other lately, it might be worth funding the FAA a little more.”

The famous Fox News host pointed out that the billions of American taxpayer money gifted to Ukraine could have been put into securing a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, paid for cancer patients, or even be used to pay off some of the continuously ballooning national debt. He also blasted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the self-described ‘independent’ senator who has previously been described as anti-war.

During the same episode, Carlson noted that on the rare occasion when Democrats and Republicans agree on a given topic, it is typically “a bad idea” and usually “the worst idea,” adding that there are zero bipartisan consensuses on “saving middle-class America, or rescuing rural Americans from fentanyl.”