Tuberville’s Protest Thwarted As Senate Approves All Promotions

Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) months-long protest against wokeness in the Pentagon suffered a setback Saturday. The Senate approved by unanimous consent all pending nominations for military promotions for the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy.

Tuberville launched his protest earlier this year over the Defense Department’s new and controversial abortion access policy. The DOD would pay travel expenses for any servicemember stationed in a state where abortion was limited or banned.

But on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) got around the Republican’s roadblock.

The Senate Record reported that Schumer asked for the unanimous consent motion “with no intervening action or debate, that no further motions be in order to any of the nominations.”

He also declared that President Joe Biden will be told immediately of the Senate’s bypassing of Tuberville’s protest.

Just last week, he vowed to Newsmax that he would continue his Senate protest for another year if that’s what it took.

Tuberville brushed aside leftist criticism that he was somehow damaging the military’s “readiness.” The GOP senator asserted, “We need a strong military, and I think doing what I’m doing is going to make us even stronger.”

He also told the outlet that the Pentagon’s woke leadership had not been told no for three years since President Joe Biden took office. He declared they must learn the meaning of no “because I’ve not changed my mind.”

The procedural move he implemented allows a single senator to block action on the full Senate floor.

Democrats railed against the Alabama senator with many wild accusations, including the incredible assertion that he was “aiding and abetting communists.”

This came in a rant by Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro on CNN. The Cuban-born military official told the network that Tuberville assisted communists “and other autocratic regimes around the world” through his protest.

Whatever the outcome, until the Senate changes its rules, Tuberville acted within protocol. He brought attention to the disintegration of the once-proud Pentagon as it descends into extreme leftist indoctrination and does true damage to military “readiness.”

And he was right — the military needs to remain apolitical, not a puppet of the Biden White House.