Trump’s Endorsement of Dr. Oz Divides his Base

Donald Trump is the alpha male wherever that commands publicity wherever he decides to place his attention. He has a fanatical voting base that believes he can do no wrong no matter what moves he makes. His political decisions are viewed as 4d chess by his supporters. So, it is safe to say that he has built-in support. Trump once famously quipped “I could shoot someone and not lose any voters.” The reason for this is that people do not view him as part of the establishment swamp in Washington D.C. but see him as a man of the people. He has a lot of give with his base.

That said, some of his recent endorsements have left people scratching their heads. Most notably, Trump’s support for Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Republican Primary has caused an uproar among the GOP faithful. No one has done better than Jack Posobiec in publishing the receipts on Dr. Oz’s anti conservative history.

Dr. Oz has been pro-abortion, pro-transgender agenda for our youth, and pro-illegal immigration. So why the endorsement from Trump? In one word, pragmatism. Trump values winning over anything else. He believes that Dr. Oz has the best chance of winning and 45 wants to add another winner to his endorsement list. This strategy worked in 2016 but what Trump is failing to realize is that there is a viable candidate out there that was not present in previous elections. Namely, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

While Trump has been on the sidelines, Governor DeSantis has been leading the country in handling Covid and raising 100 million dollars for his reelection campaign, where he is expected to cruise to victory. The Governor has been championing parents’ rights and providing an attractive environment for first responders to re-locate to Florida. DeSantis has the advantage where he has none of the baggage of the January 6th debacle, nor has he been relentlessly attacked by the media from 2016 to 2020. Trump must realize that just backing winners is not enough, he is being judged on how he supports conservative values. Backing Dr. Oz is a mistake, and Trump will pay for it in the polls. DeSantis is looking better by the day.