Trump’s 2016 Campaign Staff Contradicts Cohen’s Testimony

Michael Cohen’s testimony during the trial of former President Donald Trump has come under scrutiny following contradictions raised by Trump’s 2016 campaign staff.

Cohen was a former Trump lawyer and has now turned into a witness for the prosecution who has claimed to have served as a “surrogate” for the campaign. But details obtained by The National Pulse challenge this claim, which could mean that the former Trump lawyer could end up in prison for perjury.

Cohen’s claim of being a surrogate for the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, representing the candidate in media appearances and defending him to the press, if shown to be untrue, would be a clear case of perjury.

And 2016 Trump communications director responsible for managing surrogate activity Bryan Lanza has directly refuted Cohen’s claim.

Lanza stated that he never booked Cohen as a surrogate nor referred to him as one. While media sources have listed Cohen as a campaign surrogate, Lanza’s testimony indicates that Cohen may have misrepresented his role.

Cohen’s credibility has been further called into question by his admission of criminal conduct including the theft of $60,000 from the Trump Organization in 2016. But Cohen was never charged due to the statute of limitations.

“But it’s a very fair question to ask, gee folks of the jury, they gave him a free pass,” Honig said. “He committed larceny. It’s a higher degree of a felony than what Donald Trump is charged with. Yet they gave Michael Cohen a free pass even though he’s now admitted that he stole what amounts to $60,000. It goes to his credibility, it goes to his relationship with the D.A.”