Trump Strikes Back at Biden in Battleground Pennsylvania

Former President Donald Trump held an impressive rally in Pennsylvania Saturday evening before a packed house of rabid supporters. He wasted no time striking back at President Joe Biden for his bizarre national address last week.

Pennsylvania is a key battleground state for the upcoming November midterms, and Trump’s presence was there to support the candidacies of Mehmet Oz for senator and Doug Mastriano for governor.

But make no mistake, the former president was the star of the show.

Trump went on the attack against Biden, tearing away at his claims that half the country is a “threat to democracy.” He told the audience that “you are all enemies of the state.”

At that point, the 45th president turned the tables on the current president, telling the enthusiastic crowd that “he’s an enemy of the state” along with the “group that controls him.”

Trump quipped that Biden looked like the “devil” as he stood in front of the bizarre red lighting for his Thursday speech. Biden’s words have been skewered across the political spectrum as divisive and hateful, and they came just days after he described “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascist.”

The former president told the audience that South American leaders believe that the U.S. would condemn their nations if they carried out such attacks on political opponents.

The evening marked the first rally for Trump since the FBI descended on his Florida home last month, and he was keen to defend himself against the overreach of the Biden administration.

Trump told the cheering crowd that the action was “one of the most shocking abuses of power of any administration in American history.” He called the Justice Department’s raid of the president’s rival “a travesty of justice.”

And, of course, he endorsed the Pennsylvania candidates. The Save America rally was quite typical Trump, and he spoke for over an hour on a wide range of political issues.

The crowd heard that the White House is not only trying to silence the former president, but their voices as well. From the responses throughout the evening, that is not likely to succeed.