Trump Reveals Plan To Restrict Chinese Investment In US Resources

Former President Donald Trump has revealed his plans to restrict China’s aggressive investment in U.S. farmland if he takes back the White House in 2024.

While speaking in a video from his Mar-a-Lago home, Trump said he will ban Chinese nationals from buying or owning U.S. farmlands, telecommunications, energy, technology and medical supplies companies.

“China has been spending trillions of dollars to take over the crown jewel of the United States economy,” Trump said. “China is buying up our technology. They are buying up food supplies. They are buying up our farmlands. They are buying up our minerals and natural resources. They are buying up our ports and shipping terminals. And with the help of corrupt influence-peddlers like the Biden crime family, China is even trying to buy up the pillars of the US energy industry,” the 45th president says.

Trump accused the Democrats and RINO politicians of focusing on the green new deal and providing lavish benefits to illegal aliens while China spends “trillions of dollars” buying up the U.S.

Trump added that the U.S. must stop all future Chinese purchases in America’s key industries and begin the process of making them sell their current holdings that threaten national security.

Trump argued that China will own the U.S. if the Chinese incursion into America’s economy is not checked.

“When I’m president, I will ensure that America’s future remains firmly in American hands, just as I did when I was president before,” Trump concluded. “It’ll happen again and our country will be stronger than ever.”

Trump’s latest statement points to continued economic hostility with China should the former president retake the White House. Trump’s previous tenure was characterized by trade wars that saw Trump hit China with billions in tariffs. In 2018, Trump approved a plan to impose tariffs of at least $40 billion on Chinese imports.