Trump Responds To Twitter Files By Blasting FBI

The promised release of Twitter documents by Elon Musk, which proved that Twitter was colluding with Democrats to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, has led to a barrage of angry posts on Truth Social by a justifiably furious President Trump.

In a strongly worded stream of posts, Trump compared the FBI’s “harassing, cajoling, and intimidating Big Tech companies into corrupting the 2020 Presidential Vote” to stuffing ballot boxes.

Trump said that we are living in a very corrupt country but that nothing would be done about it because “the Justice Department and the FBI are totally corrupt.”

Although the Twitter files did not specifically mention the FBI, it is reasonable to infer that they had their hand in it, considering the revelations made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In August, during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Rogan that the FBI had asked Facebook to suppress the Hunter Biden story.

In response to Joe’s question about whether the FBI had asked Facebook to suppress the story, Zuckerberg replied, “The FBI basically came to us… [saying], ‘Hey, you should be on high alert. We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election. We have it on notice that there is about to be some kind of a dump that is similar to that, so be just vigilant.'”

It is reasonable to assume that Twitter got the same warning about the Hunter Biden story, likely from James Baker, a former FBI general counsel who was involved in investigating the Trump campaign in 2016 and now works for Twitter.

In an article for the New York Post, Jonathan Turley writes, “It is striking how many of the figures and institutions involved in Russian collusion claims are within six degrees of James Baker.” Turley points out that not only did Baker work closely with disgraced FBI director James Comey but he was also an acquaintance of key Clinton figures like Michael Sussmann, who pushed the false collusion story. He also worked for the Brookings Institution, which has been a crucial nexus in the development of the fake Russian collusion story.

On Truth Social, Trump called out the “massive and widespread fraud and deception,” suggesting that it may be time to throw out the 2020 results and reinstate the rightful winner.