Trump Campaigns For Vance And Highlights Biden’s Failures At Ohio Rally

During a rally at the Delaware County Fairgrounds stage in Ohio, former US President Donald Trump shed light on the Biden administration’s flawed policies and advocated for J.D. Vance, his recent Republican Senate pick.

Last Saturday, Donald Trump blasted the Biden Administration for its failures, during a rally in Ohio where he talked about the various areas such as inflation, economy, border crisis, the Afghan withdrawal, the US military, domestic energy, foreign aggression, and health, as the current administration’s policies had been falling short. NBC4 reported that Trump argued that the left was doing a great job apart from these areas.

Reiterating his belief in America First, Trump stated that Ohio would need a Republican win to halt its industrial decline and keep the manual-labor jobs from being outsourced across borders. This populist thinking is also reflected in most of J.D. Vance’s stances.

Trump also suggested that Ohio has an abundance of fossil fuels, especially coal, but Biden’s alternative energy policies were not going to work out for the state. He explained how the current domestic energy policies have left the US at the mercy of foreign states with volatile energy markets.

In regards to the rise in oil prices, the former president showed how these prices had been rising even before Russia invaded Ukraine. Hence the only logical conclusion would be to assume this gas price hike stemmed from Biden’s weak policies.

J.D. Vance also addressed the rally and praised the former president for addressing how China exploits the US. He also touched upon abortion and other issues, explaining how the Biden administration was failing the people. Vance added how he was skeptical of the former president at first but eventually aligned goals with his vision.

According to Vance, Trump exposed how corrupt American politics really were and that it was necessary to regain control. Even though Vance was late to jump on the bandwagon and support him, Trump admitted that he made for a great candidate to win the Ohio Senate race. Trump hopes that Vance will be able to push forward the America First objective in Congress.

According to the polls, Vance’s popularity is increasing after he got endorsed by Trump.