Trans CNN Guest Claims Mugshot Proves Suspect Isn’t Nonbinary

After days of media speculation that the shooter in a deadly Colorado nightclub shooting was inspired by the supposedly anti-LGBTQ rhetoric of the Republican Party, the narrative unraveled when the suspect publicly identified as a nonbinary individual.

While leftist activists and pundits have long argued that members of the LGBTQ community should be allowed to self-identify using whatever terms they align with, the 22-year-old suspect charged with opening fire in Club Q last weekend has not received the same accommodations.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota shared the update about the suspected shooter’s gender identity and appeared unsure about how to react to the news.

She subsequently invited a transgender guest to discuss the development, and the resulting discussion attracted widespread backlash on social media.

Natalee Bingham asserted that it was clear from the mugshot that the suspect is a male and could not be nonbinary.

“I think that’s complete [sic] ludicrous,” Bingham said of the suspect’s nonbinary identity. “I believe they’re just saying that because they want to have the easy way out on this.”

The guest went on to assert that it is “really offending” that the suspect would identify using “they/them” pronouns, claiming that “in no way, shape, or form could they appear as a woman the next day.”

Finally, Bingham wondered why a nonbinary individual would have targeted an LGBTQ club.

Instead of reiterating the leftist mantra that it is offensive to assume a person’s gender identity, Camerota merely ended the segment by complimenting her guest.

“Excellent question,” the host said.

The segment drew immediate and fierce backlash from those who called out CNN and Bingham for their perceived hypocrisy on the issue.

One such post, with nearly 3,300 likes as of this writing, wondered: “Isn’t the entire premise of transgenderism based on the idea that an individual is entitled to decide which gender they are based on their own feelings? If one insists they are non-binary, are we not supposed to accept that without question, no matter what they may look like?”

There were also plenty of pithier tweets in response to Bingham’s comments, including one user who declared that if “we are judging based on looking at photos then this entire movement should unravel quickly.”