Trans Activists Dressed as Ninjas Attack Feminists at Statue of Suffragist Hero

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling gushed with praise for a feminist protester who defended a statue of a famed British suffragist against ninja-clad trans protesters.

You really cannot make this stuff up.

On Sunday, the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester was the focus of a group pegged by one journalist as Antifa. The male trans activists identified themselves as members of Manchester Trans Rise Up, and their mission was to stop the feminist group Standing For Women from speaking there.

Rowling rolled out her usual wit in mocking the fake women who proved their valor by attacking real women. She singularly praised one true feminist who was physically confronted by the ninja warriors but did not back down.

The author shared a video with her millions of followers of the lone feminist who waved the suffragist flag. Rowling observed that she never foresaw people who believe themselves on the right side of history wearing masks while “intimidating and assaulting women.”

Being British means Rowling could not end her critique of the spectacle without a soccer reference. She dryly remarked that the trans activists attacking a feminist is akin to an “unintentionally hilarious own goal.”

The protesters first waved the trangender flag and then proceeded to put a mock noose — also bedazzled in trans colors — around the statue. Could this be a hate crime or perhaps just a really bad fashion statement?

The founder of Standing For Women, Kellie-Jay Keen, said her feminist group will continue to speak up over “squealing, entitled, tantruming men.” Ouch.

Keen added that trans activists desire to “convince our children” to join their “cult.” She declared that her feminist group is merely asking that their kids not be given “mutilating drugs and hormones.”

Remember, this wisdom is coming from a left-wing feminist group.

It is fact that most civilized people in 2022 are beyond caring about what someone does in their private life that does not cause direct harm to others. That’s still quite a distance from believing a man is a woman just because a man says he is a woman. Even the left knows better than that.